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Best Food stuffs Market In Portharcourt

Best Food Stuffs Markets In Portharcourt

Best Food Stuffs Market In Portharcourt And Their Locations.

Portharcourt is the largest city and capital of Rivers State, popularly known as the garden city and one of the richest oil city in Nigeria and West Africa.

It is one of the most populated city in Nigeria with about 1,865,000 inhabitants as of 2006, Pitakwa as many would call it has many markets serving different needs and in different locations.

But in this post, you will be shown the list of the best foodstuffs markets in Portharcourt where you can buy food items in retail and in wholesale prices.

If you are new in Portharcourt or you are looking for the cheapest foodstuffs market in the city of Portharcourt, congratulations, you are 100% percent getting straight to your choice of food market from the list I am about to give you below.

These markets constitute the major foodstuffs outlet in Portharcourt and are in strategic locations to serve your needs where ever you are coming from. Buying foodstuffs in the city of Portharcourt are made easy because these markets have easy access to them and most of the businessmen and women in the markets are major suppliers and distributors, so this is one major reason we have cheap markets in Portharcourt.

Are You Ready For The Real Deal?

Let’s Check Out The Best Food Stuffs Markets In Portharcourt.

Below is the list of Popular Markets in Portharcourt.

Mile 1 Market Portharcourt.

This is a popular market in Portharcourt, in fact, it is packed with goodies, all types of food items are sold at cheap rates in this market.

Mile 1 market Portharcourt
Mile 1 market Portharcourt

People from Aba road, Town and Mile 2 come to this market to buy food items and apart from the rich foodstuffs sold here, other goods like clothes, electronics, beverages can be found.

The market is open every day including Sundays, one of the cheapest things you can find here is assorted meat and if at all you are looking for an item in you didn’t find then all you have to do is wait for a bus and join it to Mile 3.

Mile 3 Market Portharcourt. 

Once you cross over mile 2 from mile 1, you have landed to mile 3 and the market is just the park and not very close to Rivers State University Of Science And Technology Portharcourt.

The close proximity of this market to RSUST makes it a very popular market in Portharcourt, things are sold cheap, the students and residents from Agip, mile 4, mile 2 and closer communities come to buy foodstuffs in this market.

Mile 3 market Portharcourt
Mile 3 market Portharcourt

You can get very affordable meats, garri, rice, beans, fresh vegetables, palm oil, all types of fruits and many more.

Mile 3 market is open 24hrs and every day of the week.

Oil Mill Market Portharcourt.

Here is the most popular market in Portharcourt, in fact, it is referred to as ABA market.

It is situated at Aba Road and very close to Eleme and Igboeche Junction, it is open 24hrs and every day but Wednesdays are special oil mill market days. On Wednesday’s producers, suppliers, distributors and all businessmen and women from far and wide bring their goods for sales.

oil mill market Portharcourt
oil mill market Portharcourt

All types of goods are being displayed and sold at give away prices including foodstuffs, clothes, shoes, bads, meats, bags of rice, cotton, palm oil etc.

Oil mill market is close to Onne seaport and Aba which helps in making goods cheap.

Rumuokoro Market Portharcourt.

Every Aspect of the Rumukoro junction and the main park makes up this market If you want to buy cheap foodstuffs or other items come out very early before sunrise things are cheap and later start increasing in price.

Rumuokoro market Portharcourt
Rumuokoro market Portharcourt

You wanna ask why this is so? I saw it coming!

This is because, before sunrise villagers, women and men from neighboring communities like Rukporku, Iguruta & Etche rush down in the early hours of the morning to sell some of their products before the major market starts. Foodstuffs, electronics, clothes, mobile phones, and others are sold very cheaply in this market.

Choba Market In Portharcourt

This market is closely located near the University of Port Harcourt and not far from the choba bridge. This market sells foodstuff in large scales for both students and Alluu community. Prices of goods are on the low side because of the university students. The market gets most of its supplies from Emoha, Rumuji, Eleme, and Ahoada, and goods are affordable rates.

Choba market Portharcourt
Choba market Portharcourt

Choba markets boom more every Saturday and in the evening because of people traveling to Bayelsa state and Lagos. It is one of those markets along the federal way where travelers wait and buy few things.

Borokiri Market In Portharcourt

If you want to buy all categories of Seafood just find your way to Borokiri market, they have crabs, prawns, croakers, crayfishes, mussels and other ingredients that will make a delicious meal.

Borokiri Market In Portharcourt
Borokiri Market In Portharcourt

These fishes cost so cheap in prices because the market is not far from Okirika, Bonny rivers, and creeks within the area. The Borokiri Market opens every day, 24 hours.

Rumuola Market In Portharcourt.

This market is popular around Aba Road and is situated close to Rumuola Junction.

It is packed with so much food items, people living around Stadium Road, Airforce and even Rumuokuka sometimes come to buy foodstuffs from here.

Rumuola Market In Portharcourt
Rumuola Market In Portharcourt

All kinds of Dried fishes and stockfishes are sold in this market and it is open every day of the week.

Bori Camp market In Portharcourt.

This is more lick a barrack mini market because is sited around the Portharcourt military base (Bori Camp)

Bori Camp market
Bori Camp market

Goods sold in this market include foodstuffs like Potatoes, plantains, yams, peppers, onions, beans, and Rice. It is open 24 hours and it is a gallery for foodstuffs coming from Northern Nigeria.

Slaughter market In Portharcourt.

By the name, you should have known the kind of foodstuffs that dominate this market.

It is situated in the Transamadi industrial area in Porharcourt, this market is purely for all kinds of meats, like cow, goat and bush meats, it is the most popular meat market in Rivers State.

Slaughter market In Portharcourt
Slaughter market In Portharcourt

Buyers come here in mass to get them at cheap prices and them go to other markets to resell.

Meats are very and extremely cheap in this market.

So far, listed above are the Best Food Stuffs Markets In Portharcourtt, the Garden city of Rivers State.

If you are looking for check place to buy foodstuffs do check into any of these markets.

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