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Most Effective Drugs For Flat Tummy In Nigeria

by Chinonso Mark
drugs for FLAT TUMMY in nigeria

Are you a Nigerian Man Or Woman? so worried about your big tummy? looking for how to flatten your big Stomach? don’t worry, take a look at these Most Effective Drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria.

It is an awful feeling to remember how your friends think you are always pregnant every year when your not as a lady or when your husband thinks you are pregnant because of the size of your bulging tummy  and you are actually not or even how he begins to get uncomfortable with the bump on your tummy or how annoying as a man when neighbors will have to describe you as the man with the pot belly or big tummy (lol), funny enough but its real.

A very ugly experience when you feel depressed because you envy beautiful girls because of their flat tummy and you wish yours could be flat and beautiful like there’s.

But whatever ugly experience or situation you might have had because of your big tummy, this article is specially prepared and packed with working solutions to your problem.

Good News! 

Now, this is getting sweeter, as i begin to imagine the smiles on your face right when you saw good news.

The good news is, the solution to big tummy is made simple with what i am about to open up in this article as we proceed further. This post will give you the list of drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria and also show you the weight loss flat tummy exercises that goes also with the drugs.

Just before I list out the Tummy Flattening Drugs In Nigeria! 

It will be very necessary to look at the cause of a problem before thinking of possible solutions to the problem.

Knowing the causes of belly fat will help you get to know how to reduce it and stay even fitted forever.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the Major Causes of Big Tummy.

Big tummy or Belly fat is the most annoying and harmful fat in the body and it is linked to abnormalities and disease conditions. Here are 5 major causes of Belly Fat or Big Tummy.

Beverages & Sugary Foods

Many of us take are in the habit of taking more sugar daily than we even realize, this is endangering us.

Food with high sugar are the likes of cakes, yogurt, some soft drinks, sweet tea, and flavored coffee, these sweet beverages cause us to consume more doses of sugar, causing high weight gain and are problematic.

The link between big tummy and high sugar intake is due to the rich fructose content of added sugar.

Therefore Frequent consumption of beverages & food rich in sugar or fructose may cause tummy fat.

Alcohol Intake

The rates at which alcohol is consumed in Nigeria is alarming, though alcohol intake has some useful and harmful effects.

Moderate consumption of alcohol may play roles in lowering the risk of stroke & heart attacks, studies revealed.

On the other hand, high intake of alcohol could lead abnormalities, fatty liver disease, and other health situations.

Recent studies show that alcohol has the ability to suppresses fat burning, also those excess calories contained in alcohol are stored partly as belly fat and also cause gain weight especially in the middle group.

Excessive alcohol intake increases the risk of several heart/liver diseases & also linked with a big tummy.

Sedentary Life Style (Inactivity)

Little or no little physical exercise is one of the highest risk factors for overall poor health.

The drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria will be disclosed to you soon, but firstly, let’s look at the activities which will burn tummy fat.

People have become generally inactive over the decades. This has played a major role in the cases and rise in the rates of obesity including belly fat.

More people tend to watch more football on TV than play in the field, women spend a lot of time sitting and watching TV programmes causing inactivity and reducing our ability to exercise.

Sedentary lifestyle or Inactivity promotes an increase in the big tummy or belly fat.

Consumption of Low Protein Diets

Eating adequate protein filled diets helps you prevent weight gains. It increases your metabolic rates and helps you in burning calories.

In other words, low intake of proteins may land you in too much weight gains and belly fat.

Menopause In Women

At puberty, the body stores more fats on the hips and thighs, preparing for a possible pregnancy.

At Menopause a woman’s estrogen level drops so low causing fats to be stored in the Abdomen (Tummy) rather than stored in the hips and thighs.

At Menopause, there is meant to be hormonal changes which result in more storage of fat in the abdomen causing big belly.

Some other causes include stress, too much fruit juice intake, low fiber diets, lack of sleep, genetics etc.


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Now that you know the Major causes of Belly Fat Or Big Tummy, let’s get down to the real deal.
You ready? Let’s roll.
The quest for flat tummy begins with the journey of weight loss, in fact, flat tummy is linked to weight loss in my definition. So get ready to lose some weight in other to cut down your belly fat.
The drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria are so effective and works so when with some lifestyle changes and adjustment.
Let’s look at some tummy flattening activities that can help you burn belly fat.
Regular exercise is very effective: Regular exercise apart from helping burn down belly fat will help yours over health status. The very type of exercise am talking here should be geared towards the abdomen, some 6-8 weeks of regularly exercising the abdominal muscles should be very effective to reduce your belly fat and flattening your tummy.
Eat  More Protein & Lower or Avoid Sodium Intake (Common Salt): This simply means you should avoid overcooking your meals with so much salt which contains sodium.
Like I said if you want to lose some belly fat you can’t skip the intake of more protein filled food. Proteins also help you to lose belly fat and also avoid regaining the lost belly fat over time.
Eating more of protein can increase metabolism and reduce hunger, making it effective means to lose weight within the abdominal region.
Avoid Sugar And Eat Fiber Rich Foods: Added sugar is very risky and unhealthy, it is also harmful to the body’s metabolic process.

The link between big tummy and high sugar intake is due to the rich fructose content of added sugar.

Therefore Frequent consumption of beverages & food rich in sugar or fructose may cause tummy fat which you don’t need at the moment.

Eat more of fiber-rich foods can help in loosing losing belly fat and flattening your tummy.

Studies have shown that some dietary fiber can help in reducing the amounts of belly fat. This also helps in improving the metabolic activities of the body and the risk of other disease conditions.

Now that you know some Tummy flattening activities you could apply, let me give you the list of drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria.
In Nigeria, some couple of food diets have been studied and grouped under those that can help flatten your big belly.
List Of Fat Burning Foods In Nigeria 
Watch this now

Check out the native Nigerian Foods with low Calories, high fibers, and high-fat burning powers that can help in losing fat belly naturally.

(a) Vegetables

Vegetable saurce - Most Effective Drugs For Flat Tummy In Nigeria

Toasted Vegetable

Vegetables play major roles in burning belly fat, they are low in calories and easily digestible.

There are fruits & vegetables that have nutrients helps your overall health. Eating a variety of vegetables will provide you with a lot of nutrients for low calories which you don’t need if you are burning belly fat.

(b) Fish Oil.

fish saurce - Most Effective Drugs For Flat Tummy In Nigeria

Fish for weight loss

You need fish because you need protein which helps in reducing belly fat. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil which has various health benefits and one of the benefits is to help in weight loss. Getting fish in Nigeria is very easy and affordable, it should always be part of your daily meals.

(c) Plantain

Roasted plantain - Most Effective Drugs For Flat Tummy In Nigeria

Nigerian Roasted Plantain

Plaintain belongs to the banana family and in Nigeria, it can be roasted, cooked or fried whichever the aim is all about getting a whole source of potassium and fiber which you need so much for your weight loss or slimming down your fat tummy.

One big unripe plantain has up to 4 grams of dietary fiber, this is good for weight loss and belly fat burning.


potatoes - Most Effective Drugs For Flat Tummy In Nigeria

Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes are complex carbohydrates and they help in weight loss and fat burning when prepared in a healthy way.

When cooked, roasted or steamed alone, potatoes cause no harm but rather aid weight loss.

However, when you prepare them with other supplements like cream or butter they may contribute to weight gain.

(e) Local Rice or Ofada (Also called Brownish Rice)

ofada rice - Most Effective Drugs For Flat Tummy In Nigeria

This is one category of rice with low calories and high fiber, it is highly recommended for those on weight loss plan. it stabilizes the intestinal movements and helps easy digestion of food.

You can prepare a combination of ofada and a lot of fish delicious for your weight loss journey.

Finally, drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria are contained in our local foods like Vegetables, Plantain, Local brown rice or Ofada, Fish and Potatoes. If you really want to lose some weight or burn down your belly fat, then you have to stick to the food listed above and the result will shock you.

For Questions, please use the comment section below.

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