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How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria (Easy Steps)

by Chinonso Mark
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How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria | Steps To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria.

We hear and enjoy good music (songs) every day, at home, office, school and even in church. But have you ever thought of how the songs we play and enjoy are been created and who created them?

Just as the name implies, Music Producers are responsible for productions (making) of the millions of songs and sounds we hear every day.

Who Is A Music Producer?

Music producer, in other words, a sound engineer is simply a talented person or individual who assembles sounds, makes instrumental, records, mix, and masters a piece of music (song).

Music Production DAWS - How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria (Easy Steps)

Music Production DAW’S

He takes charge, guild and oversees the whole processing of making a song successful, he gets involved in the songwriting, audio recording, mixing, mastering, manages his artists, artist performance, audio marketing, audio promotion and a lot too numerous to mention.

In Nigeria, Music Production is fun and a lucrative business, in fact, every performing artists and individual want to become a music producer.

Who wouldn’t want to become one after seeing reading or seeing the success of the List Of Popular Nigerian Producers and their net-worths!

Here are some Top Music Producers in Nigeria, Don Jazzy of the mavin’s record, Master Kraft, Young John, Tekno, Samklef, Shizzi, T-Spice, Legendary Beatz, Selebobo, Kiddominant, Sarz etc and I can go ahead to get you some Nigerian music producers contact but let’s stick to the purpose of this article.

The list you saw up there are rich Nigerian Record Producers who ventured into the Music Production career years back with virtually nothing, but today they are made and most of them are music producers in Lagos. That you have decided to become a music producer is the best decision so far and for sure you are on the right path.

Who Can Become A Music Producer?

Let me shock you now! Anybody can become a music producer, it doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female, whether you know how to play one musical instrument or the other.

The most important thing is the passion and zeal to walk through the process of becoming a music producer, which I will unveil soon as we proceed.

Essential Requirements For Becoming A Music Producer In Nigeria

Music production is interestingly fun, lucrative and an easy going profession. And it is very important to consider the following necessities if you want to join the top 20 music producers in Nigeria.

Pay Attention to the list below:

a. You Must Be Educated.

b. You Must Have The Drive Or Passion For Music.

c. Know How To Play Or Learn A Musical Instrument [at least Piano and Guitar (Optional)].

d. Get Trained In Music Production (Learn Music Production).

e. Buy Pieces Of Your Studio Equipment.

f. Set Up An Audio Recording Studio.

g. Advertise Your Recording Studio.

Haven listed above what you need before you become a music producer in Nigeria, let me briefly break it down and explain in details.

Seven Basic Steps On How To Become A Successful Music Producer In Nigeria.

You Must Be Educated.

Education is the key to success and If you want to be a successful music producer in Nigeria, you have to be educated. You should be able to read and write well, you should be able to speak fluently with good communication skills.

In fact, Music production is a skill that has made many educated producers across Nigeria and across the world popular. You cannot do extremely fine in the field without having at least the basic form of education because everything revolving around music production has to do with reading, writing and some computer knowledge.

The basic work of a music producer which has to do with helping an artist in songwriting, audio recording, mixing, mastering, manages his artists, artist performance, audio marketing, and even audio promotion. Performing all these functions, especially in the current century requires some basic form of education to help you carry them out.

However, you can also decide to step further which is Optional (Not compulsory) to get a formal education in Music either in a music academy or school, I will explain more about this as we ride on.

You Must Have The Drive Or Passion For Music.

Over time we have heard of cases where parents push their children to a profession or career they desire for them and not the one they love and desire for themselves.

And have you not also read about instances where people gave up on their careers simply because they are forced to step into it.

I believe you have also witnessed people doing marvelously well in their areas of career because they love, have passion and enjoy every bit of their profession.

Now back to Music Production! It is very straightforward if you hate music, you can’t create music. If you want to become a music producer, you must have full passion, drive, love and devote your time to it.

Music producers are such persons that can’t stay a minute without either listening, creating, recording, mixing, mastering a piece of music.

Their life is pure music and that is the strong root for success in making great music especially in Nigeria.

Know How To Play Or Learn A Musical Instrument.

You can actually become a music producer even without knowing how to play an instrument, yes many Nigerian Music Producers don’t play any instrument but are familiar with one DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or the other and they are still able to make good music.

Now here’s the main point!

This is exactly the root point where so many upcoming and aspiring Nigerian Music Producers make the biggest mistake of their career.

Knowing music, how to Play musical instruments before jumping into learning music production will help you throughout your career. It will not just give you the learning speed but it will make you outstanding. Because every sound you hear in a music comes from one instrument or the other.

If you know how to play a musical instrument (like the piano or guitar) very well, congratulations because you have just landed a successful foundation into becoming a popular Music Producer In Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

Knowing how to musical instruments as a music producer is a real deal, it gives you an edge over other producers, it widens your creativity and makes your projects sound more professional and live.

So preferably you should know how to play a musical instrument or try learning before you start your music production career.

At Least Know how to play the Piano:

studio keyboard - How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria (Easy Steps)

M-Audio Keystations 49

The piano is considered an all-around (Most Flexible) instrument for music producers, the keyboard is so multi-functional that you can play all other instruments in a song using it.

Officially Get Trained In Music Production (Learn Music Production)

It is straightforward now, at this point you have to enter the field properly by learning how to produce Music.

This is now the Hallmark of the process of becoming a music producer, learning how to use the different music production software to make music.

How To Learn Music Production In Nigeria

Learning how to produce music has become so easy nowadays, with the rise in modern technology getting trained in audio production is now stress-free.

There are three major ways of learning music production and in the end, I would recommend just one to you with my reasons.

They are :

1. You Can Study Music Production (Audio Engineering) in school.

2. You Can Register With Record Label, Studio Or become an apprentice.

3. Learn By yourself (Self Training).

Let me dissect the steps above for better understanding.

— Study Music / Music Production in school —

You can choose it as a course of study at a university to acquire an academic background in music and its production. The University of Portharcourt (Uniport) in Rivers state offers Music as a course of study.

Another option is to simply register and enroll in music producer schools/music production academy which you can easily locate anywhere in major towns and cities in Nigeria.

Every basic, intermediate and master skills related to music production will be widely opened to you. You will be thought how to create sound from scratch, you will learn how to record vocals, mix and master audio using any DAW’s (like fruity loops, Sonar, Cubase, Reason, Nuendo, Protools etc).

— Register With Record Label Or Music Studio —

Here you can just walk straight to the management of a record label or any music studio around you and discuss directly your interest to learn and became a music producer.

The Career is more practical at this level, it has to be hands on the job and no to many theories. In fact, this is one of the best steps I would recommend for any aspiring Music producer in Nigeria.

Nigerian Producer - How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria (Easy Steps)

Nigerian Producer in a studio section

Getting started in a music studio gives you the direct engagement with all the studio equipment, artists, other talented producers, songwriters, instrumentalists, and promoters.

Here you are directly learning from the top producer in charge of the studio, he explains from the basics whatever he does to you and gives you opportunities to practicalize.

— Learn By Yourself (Self Training) —

For the sharp brains, you can also learn music production and become a record producer on your own.

Suprised? yes, you can!

The internet is very wide and goes for free, all the articles you ever needed on music production can be seen on Google and to make it easier you can watch thousands of videos on how to produce music and how to use different types of Audio workstations on Youtube or you can read how to become a music producer reddit articles.

All you need is to get a desktop or laptop computer, install any simple and most preferred DAW and start practicing by learning how to use the software, using it to make beats, record, mix and master a piece of music.

You can join forums and ask questions when you get confused. But however, this step takes a long time, makes you stumble and fall over simple things someone should have simply explained to you.

But the easiest part is learning how to become a hip-hop music producer, this has a lot of contents online.

Buy Your Pieces Of Studio Equipment

After acquiring the necessary skills on how to produce Music, the next step is to rent a room or a shop and then go ahead to purchase the most necessary studio equipment you need to start a recording studio of your own.

These are what you need to start your own simple audio studio in Nigeria.

Pieces of studio equipment - How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria (Easy Steps)

Pieces of studio equipment

  • Studio Microphone, with the stand, filter, cable or cords (Simple B2 Mic would do, you can upgrade later).
  • Sound Card (Preferable an external sound card, Scarlet Focusrite 2i2 would be ok).
  • Mixer (2 to 4 channels mixer is not bad for a start).
  • Monitor Speakers ( based on your capital, just get any good speakers, Yamaha, M-Audio speakers are fine).
  • Studio Keyboard and the stand ( with pitch bend, very useful in Nigerian Style of Music).
  • Buy lead and bass guilters.
  • Get a desktop or Laptop computer ( with high RAM, Hard Disk space, High Processor speed), any strong computer can do the job.
  • Buy your choice DAW’S and Virtual Plugins (FL, Cubase, Nuendo, Reason, Sonar, Protools etc).
  • A generator plant (considering the epileptic power situation in Nigeria).
  • Get a sizable UPS (uninterruptible power supply), very important for studio use.
  • Buy some electrical sockets.
  • Buy some Cables and cords (you might need them during installation).
  • Buy producers chair.
  • Buy chairs for your clients.
  • Office Table for your computer and probably monitor speakers.
  • Get Materials to set up your vocal boots (woods, foams, leathers).

Set Up An Audio Recording Studio.

At this point, you must have purchased all the materials you need to set up your recording studio.

You have to rent a room, shop, or an apartment in a quiet environment.

NIGERIAN MUSIC STUDIO - How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria (Easy Steps)

Recording Studio

Build the vocal boot well foamed and padded to kill any external noise. Paint and decorate the room with every good thing that gives it that studio charisma.

Then Set up your microphone in the boot and then within the studio room set your table and chairs, arrange your display monitor, speakers, mixer and sound card in a manner that pleases the eyes.

Advertise Your Recording Studio.

This is actually the last step to follow when you want to become a successful Music Producer In Nigeria.

At this level your music studio is set and functioning, you are now unleashing your music production prowess. You need to let the world hear about your talents and studio.

How do you do this?

a. Simply create your studio facebook page and groups, invite members and update your finished work online, talk about your studio and invite them over.

b. Also, create your studio twitter and Instagram accounts, follow and get followers, advertise your finished jobs, invite them.

c. Create Your studio WhatsApp groups, join as many WhatsApp groups you can and market your studio.

d. Print your studio handbills and banners, share and post in strategic locations with your contact details.

e. Go on the radio and Tv stations if you have the finance.

How much does it cost to produce a song in Nigeria?

This is a frequently asked question! Especially when you advertise your music studio to the world as a Nigerian Music Producer. Let me quickly attend to answer it right now.

The truth is, the cost of producing a song in Nigeria is not fixed and it solely depends on the studio you are working and the producer you are recording with. However, some studios charge up to three hundred thousand naira (300,000), some may charge lesser and some studios charge as low as 50,000 per track.

The price of a recording a song in Nigeria also depends on the quality of the studio and the output of the job.

Finally, here comes the sweetest part of this article, just enjoy your self, start earning some cool cash and keep gaining popularity across the Nigerian Music Industry, then come back and thank me later (lol).

So far, this is How To Become A Music Producer In Nigeria, If you have any question or contribution please do well to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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