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How To Fix Ravity (S) File Doesn’t Match Error

by Chinonso Mark
Ravity File Doesn't Match Error

How To Fix Ravity File Doesn’t Match Error | Solving Ravity File Doesn’t Match Error.

The issue of ravity file doesn’t match has negatively affected a lot of music producers in the time past and even till now. In fact, I was a victim of this error and in search for solutions and trying to resolve it, which i did and it’s working perfectly, i came across these steps you are about to read now.

Ravity File Doesnt Match Error - How To Fix Ravity (S) File Doesn't Match Error

Ravity File Doesn’t Match Error

And I strongly believe you are not here by chance, you are here to get a working solution and to resolve ravity file doesn’t match error in your computer.

Before we swing into the easy steps you can take to get rid of ravity file doesn’t match error in your computer and enjoy smooth music production.

Let’s take a look at!

  1. What is Ravity?
  2. What is ravity file doesn’t match error and the cause?
  3. Steps to fix ravity file doesn’t match error.

Ravity (S)

This is a virtual instruments synthesizer module which can be installed into your computer and be used in any kind of DAW’S for music production.

It was built by Luxonix and released in 2004 and till date, ravity has been one of the best tools producers can effectively enjoy and express their musical production prowess.

Ravity (S) is only about 32MB in size and can be installed in all windows and Mac. It has about 447 factory sound presets (which includes Piano, Organ, Bells & Perc, Bass Guitar, Guitars & Plucked, Strings, Brass, Wood & Reed, Lead Synth, Bass synth, Fast Synth, Slow Synth etc).

It has about4 layers / 2 oscillators each layer, 4×3 insertion effector slots / 1×3 master effector slots, 512 polyphonic(256 voices) per instance, 24 types of high-quality effector algorithm, 32-bit sound processing etc.

It has both Preset & Edit Panels.

At the preset panel, you can select any kind of sounds or voice instruments you wish while at the edit panel you add effects and tweak the sound to your desire.

See Photos below.

Ravity s preset panel - How To Fix Ravity (S) File Doesn't Match Error

Ravity (s) preset panel.

Here is the Edit Panel.

Ravity s edit panel - How To Fix Ravity (S) File Doesn't Match Error

Ravity (s) edit panel

What Is Ravity File Doesn’t Match Error And The Cause?

This is actually an error message that pops up when your ravity (S) is corrupt and won’t let you listen to the sound you have made with it because your tracks will not sound.

Your ravity will completely stop working and in some DAW’s like Fruity Loops, it will tell that you did not install it correctly and you should do so.

2 Ways To Fix Ravity (S) File Doesn’t Match Error.

You can use any of the procedures to arrive at the same solution.

— First Solution—

  1. Uninstall Ravity (S) from your computer (Go to Control Panel, Programmes, and features)
  2. Go to Local Disk C, locate Programme files and create a new folder (name it whatever you like) preferably you can name it Ravity Installation.
  3. Reinstall Ravity (S) and change the installation directory from Luxonix to the new folder you have created (Ravity Installation). What i mean is simply install ravity on the new folder you just created.
  4. Restart your DAW ( your FL, Cubase or whatever software you are using and then enjoy your ravity.

Watch the Video below

— Second Solution—

This is a little bit complex but if done successful, it enables you avoid duplicate ravity contents in your registry.


  1. First thing to do is to Uninstall Ravity form your computer.
  2. Go to regedit. You can do that by Pressing F3 key and then type in Ravity in the search box and  hit enter key. Delete all results bearing ravity (s) in it. Press F3 repeatedly while you keep deleting any ravity file you see in the registry. Repeat this process until you see ‘finished searching through the registry‘.
  3. Now Reinstall Ravity (s) to your vstplugins folder.
  4. Then go straight to the ravity(S) folder and cut the ravity(S).dll file, then paste it into the vstplugins directory.
  5. Open up your (FL Studio, Cubase.) and then refresh your pugin list.
  6. Then your ravity is ready for use.

These are the best and working ways to Fix Ravity (S) File Doesn’t Match Error.

Still having issues solving problems with ravity? please drop your comments below.

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