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How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally And Permanently (Lose Weight In Few Days)

by Chinonso Mark
How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally And Permanently

This post contains Steps and working tips on How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently. Do you want to lose weight naturally and permanently? Please Read on and thank me later.

Do you know you can actually lose weight naturally and permanently even at the comfort of your home? Ever thought or noticed a lot of companies making efforts to sell you weight loss supplements and tablets everywhere within your cities and online? You probably have tried some of those products but yet no good results.

But the true fact is that healthy weight loss can fastly and permanently be achieved with some specific changes to your lifestyles and diets and your ability to continue in keeping to those changes.

As surprising as it may sound right now, there are actually simple working steps you can practice daily to successfully achieve weight loss naturally and permanently.

Many have recorded miraculous breakthrough after trying some of these steps and tips in time past and currently.

Without wasting your time lets get down to the real business!

Are you ready?

Let’s roll!

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently.

Here are some vital considerations for those trying to lose weight.

You should consider the fact that you might actually not just be fighting heavy body fat alone but also some of the many contributing factors to why you are getting fat or gaining weight.

So it is very important to checkmate some of the factors causing your weight gain and also apply the steps discussed below as you read on.

But have it in mind that achieving natural and permanent weight loss is very possible and will occur when you make you change some certain lifestyles and stay consistent.

Here are steps you can take to help you lose weight in no time naturally and permanently.

a. Always Plan your meals.

One of the ways to ensure you consume the right foods is to rightly plan your meals, snacks ahead of time.

Planning your meals enables you to conquer the habit of grabbing any unhealthy food in sight because you are extremely hungry. What I mean is it is very much easy to pick any unhealthy processed meals or snacks if you’re unprepared and hungry.

Always arrange your healthy snacks, keep them close in advance.  This plan for sure can help you achieve weight loss.

b. Eat More Of Calory Burning Foods

There are certain foods that have been listed out over time that helps burn calories. Beverages such as Green tea, coffee has shown great results in burning calories. Try as much as to avoid sweeteners from your coffee.

c. Exercise With Fun.

You can try having fun with some daily, weekly exercises like running, dancing, swimming, hiking etc can really assist you to keep fit all the time.

d. Cut Down Salt Intake (Cut Down Fluid Retention)

Water retention can make you feel bigger or fatter and can be caused by many factors like.

Cardiac (Heart) disease can cause fluid retention, Renal diseases, Women always experience slight weight gain at their monthly cycle, Eating too much salty food.

However, in normal individuals, fluid retention can be caused by consuming processed and excess salty food. Cutting down the excessive salt intake and consuming more water or adequate hydration would help a lot.

So this could be one of the things you are doing wrong and the reason why you might fail to lose weight.

e. Eliminate Bloating.

One the factors that cause your tummy to feel bigger is Bloating. At times you might actually be losing weight or exercising and yet you experience bloating.

Bloating has a lot of causes, but of the most common cause is related to diets. There are Certain foods that promote bloating, meals like carbonated drinks, beans and onions can give you that bloating feels.

You can actually reduce bloating by eating slowly, adequate hydration, change your food, and increase locomotion.

f. Try As Much As To Reduce Stress.

Stress is a big threat to your health, keeping stress on the low will generally enhance your health.

Always have time to be happy, rest and relax this is one way to help you lose out some weight

g. Sleep Deficiency

The body system is restored and repair when you are sleeping. lack of sleep does not only cause you to feel tired but have negative effects on your weight. You gain more weight when you don’t have time to sleep. As a remedy always have some good times, say 7 to 8 hours to sleep to have a good sleep, to enable cutting down your weight.

h. Eat Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables for example spinach and some other fruits are helpful when you are trying to lose weight. Some vegetables are high in nutrients that actually help speed up weight loss.

i. Get Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet a high-fat low carb diet that is so effective for weight loss. The keto diet has been recorded to improve a lot of health conditions and improve wellbeing.

So far those are ways to naturally lose weight permanently, but I would like us to touch some of the other ways we can achieve the same results, with some scientific backings.

 Check Out The 7 tips to lose weight permanently, Based on research Work.

1. Eat Protein

Protein is actually the king of all other nutrients that help in Natural weight loss. When you eat proteins the body undergoes calorie burning, therefore consuming protein-rich meal will increase metabolism. This also helps in burning up to 80 to 100 more calories daily.

Protein-rich food can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and will cause a reduction in your appetite. For example, taking only eggs or beans can greatly have an effect on your weight.

2. Drink Water

Water can play a lot of roles and actually help you in losing weight naturally if timed properly. S least suggestively you should drink at least 0.5 liters of water after an hour of your meal to enable you to burn 24-30% more calories. On the other hand, a glass of water before your meal can decrease your calorie intake. You can actually replace beverages like soft drinks, tea, coffee, and other high sugar drinks with water, then you are sure on the right path of losing weight are particularly brighter permanently.

3. Get Some Natural Supplements For Weight Loss

Why not try Garcinia Cambogia and Glucomannan that works like no other and are scientifically proven weight loss pills. They are gotten purely from plant extracts and are recognized to be a powerhouse of natural nutrients and also dietary fibers.

With these, you can stay full for a longer time, this action is achieved by delaying your stomach emptying time. They help reduce the absorption of fat and protein as well as feeding gut bacteria are some of the many benefits of these weight loss pills.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Fasting intermittently helps in achieving efficient weight loss and many other long-term health benefits.

Deciding to Fast and eat regular meals: You can Fast for certain hours and then eat all calories within some certain number of hours.

You can also Eat normally and then fast once or twice per week.

5. Try Counting Your Calories 

You have to be conscious of what you are always consuming as it will help you losing weight. Some several ways which you can do this, you could count calories of everything you consume. here is how you can do this, try as much as to maintain a food record or alternatively you keep photos of all what you eat throughout the day.

This would help you in calculating the level of your calorie intake, You could also use some app ij your phone that aids you in recording your calorie intake.

6. Mix Your Diet With Eggs.

Eggs are one of the best weight loss meal that you must not fail include in your diet. Moreover, Eggs are low in calories, good protein source filled with essential nutrients. Recall that high protein diest can reduce your appetite and make you full for longer period of time and eggs happen to be one of such.
Remember to add eggs as part of your breakfast this can help you achieve up to 60% weight loss within a period of 8- 10 weeks.

7. Consume / Eat More Fiber

It is advisable to consume foods that are rich in water-soluble fiber which can be helpful for rapid weight loss because they keep you full for a longer period of time. Some Fiber-rich food helps in delaying your gastric emptying process, it expands the stomach and helps in facilitating the release of satiety hormones, which makes you eat less food naturally.

Finally, adjusting or making some necessary lifestyle changes can help you a lot in keeping a healthy weight. I believe and hope you can apply some of the above-mentioned working steps on how to lose weight fast naturally and permanently.


Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions.

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