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How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria

by Chinonso Mark
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How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria | How To Start A Music Studio In Nigeria.

The Nigerian Music Industry has gone global in recent times, as such it is a very lucrative and good time for the Music circuit. God has blessed Nigeria with so many talents and her vibrant youths are eager to release their songs, albums and thereafter join the league of top and Beard Gang music celebrities like Timaya, D-Bang, Psquare, Flavour, Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, 2baba and the rest of them.

The Plan to set up a recording studio is about 90% viable because of the fact that music plays every day and pays massively well and many aspiring music producers have been asking how much does it cost to open a recording studio in Nigeria ?. But at the end of the post, you will able to get answers to your questions.

Professional recording studio set up in Nigeria could be a mildly costly and daunting experience but believe me at the end if you do it right your reward is amazingly great.

How Can I Start A Music Studio In Nigeria?

The first thing you have to do is to brainstorm (research, evaluate, plan and make a budget) for your project.

These questions should run through your mind while brainstorming!

  • What type of Studio do I want to start?
  • How much is my budget?
  • How much is my capital?
  • Where should I site my studio?
  • What next after installing the Studio.

But before we proceed! Let me quickly tell you the advantages of starting a Music Studio In Nigeria.

Benefits Of Starting A Recording Studio In Nigeria.

  • You will make unlimited daily cash from musicians who pay for studio sessions which include, beat making, recording, mixing and mastering.
  • You will gain natural publicity and fame from musicians who have worked in your studio, this is because, when artists hype, promote, sell their songs or albums, they give credit to the recording studio for their job well done.
  • You will become the boss of your own and free from financial challenges.

Now Pay Attention!

The first step to hit when trying to start up a recording studio in Nigeria is to know if you are to set up a live analog or a digital studio, personal small room studio or bigger studio for the commercial music business, and of course, these require different types set up and equipment.

Recent studies show that many Nigerian Producers have opted for digital recording studio than the counterpart, and this is because the cost of setting up a recording studio in Nigeria is cheaper when considering a digital audio studio.

Another important thing is to check your self and know how much you have budgeted for the project. Is it enough, or it is so small? having a budget is very import because it keeps you in the right direction.

Of course, you need to know how much capital you have, what is my financial strength for this project. Your startup capital determines how well and better you will start, and it also has an impact on the type of music studio and the quality of equipment you will be able to put in place.

Knowing the location to site your audio recording studio is very important to achieving great results.

Normally studios are meant to be sited in a quiet and peaceful environment to help reduce or totally kill external noises which could be harmful to your recording great music.

If the studio is quiet, even the producers and the artists are less distracted and tend to focus more.

But even if you have to site your studio in a noisy area considering the popular, you have to ensure you kill all external noise by soundproofing your studio.

You also have to think of what comes next after successfully setting up your studio.No one will start up a business nowadays and keep quiet without thinking of possible ways of advertising and giving the business a lift to be seen by the populace.

The bottom line is you have to plan how to advertise and publicize your studio to bring you more clients and put more money into your pocket.

3 Factors To Consider When Setting Up A Recording Studio In Nigeria.

— Studio Location —

I have fingered this slightly above though, but then it is very important to choose a very peaceful and favorable region of any city to site your music studio.

Look for location a bit far from the grooves and all the noise from the city. It is not advisable to site a studio near a party hall or clubs, or near the market, school, church or a construction company where external noises can inhibit or affect your music production.

— Sound Proofing & Acoustic Treatment —

Acoustic Treatment of a studio simply implies the steps taken to control the reflection of sounds within the studio room, and one of the steps is soundproofing and the use of acoustic panels.

Sounding proofing a studio is one of the ways to obtain total tranquillity by reducing sounds going in and out of the studio. This is achieved by using heavy, dense and thick materials (Like Foam Pads) to block them and also closing up all the loopholes (air gaps) in your doors, windows and ceiling.

This is done when you are setting up the studio room and the advantage of doing this is you can freely record, mix and master your song whenever you feel like without interruption by external noise.

— Studio Equipment —

This is the point where you have to determine the quality of your studio sound by purchasing the necessary and best studio equipment, especially when you are looking getting your studio to compete with the best music studio Nigeria.

You have to research for professional recording studio equipment list and prices to enable reach your target of purchasing the best.

Here is List of studio equipment to start a recording studio in Nigeria.

— Computer —

Computer system - How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria


The first thing you need is a very strong computer, which includes the CPU and the Monitor.

You need a strong and fast computer for installations of all the DAW’S and plugins which will be used for all your studio work.

 DAW-Digital Audio Workstation.

Music Production DAWS - How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria

Music Production DAW’S

DWA means digital audio workstation and it is the basic software installed on your computer and it is used for recording, mixing/editing and mastering of music to its finished form.

Examples are Fruity Loop (FL studio), Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Protools, Reason etc.

— Sound Card (Audio Interface) —

Audio interfce and sound cards - How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria

sound cards

A very important tool for recording studio is a sound card (audio interface).

The sound card provides best connecting interfaces for input (recording), output (Playback), some digital conversions, monitor (speakers) controls, microphone pre-amps, and headphone amps etc.

I have personally used scarlet Focusrite audio interfaces are they are good to go.

— Studio Or Recording Microphone —

The Recording Microphone enables you to record vocals and the quality of the Mic can have an effect on the quality of the result you get.

Studio Micrphone - How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria

Recording Microphone

So, You need to purchase a good recording microphone, you can get two microphones if you can afford it. A condenser Mic and a dynamic Mic with pop filters would perfectly give you the best.

— Studio Head Phones —

Headphones are one of the tools you can’t afford to miss when setting up a recording studio.

studio head phone - How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria

Closed-Back Studio Headphone

Headphones are of Four categories:

= Open back headphones.

= Semi-Open Headphones.

= Closed-back headphones.

= Wireless Headphones(Could be Wireless open back,closed-back,semi-open).

Get a good headphone that gives you your desired feature.

— Studio Monitor Speakers —

Studio monitor speakers are specially designed to enable producers to hear the real sound the way it is.

Studio Monitor speakers - How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria

Studio Monitor speakers

Monitors speakers are of different kinds and so prices are different, so according to your budget and capital at hand, you buy a good one of your choice and maybe upgrade later to a higher one.

Yamaha, M-Audio, and Bellringer are good products.

— Studio Keyboard (Midi Controller) —

Like I pointed out in my previous post “How to become a music producer in Nigeria” that as an aspiring or a music producer, it is better to be familiar with at least the keyboard to help your music production skills.

studio keyboard - How To Start A Recording Studio In Nigeria

M-Audio Keystations 49

Producing a piece of music with the keyboard is more lively, with natural feels than when using the mouse to click.

So the keyboard is very important, and there are many types of midi control or USB keyboards you can get.

Other things to get are:

You will need a generator plant, UPS, Keyboard stand, workbench (Table), an office chair, cables and cords for connections, electrical extensions, Microphone stand, a well structured and soundproofed vocal boot, download or buy as many plugins and drum samples as you can.

With all of the mentioned equipment in place, you are set to kick-start a recording studio in Nigeria.

Anything else to say? if you are planning to start up a music studio in Nigeria, you can also do so by contacting a professional or an experienced music producer for a walkthrough.

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