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Mc Sharpillo Celebrates Miss Mutuayo Emi Amezhinim Ideozu On Her Birthday

by Chinonso Mark
Sharpillo and mutuayo

Popular Nigerian, Rivers Born MC Sharpillo has taken out a special time to wish his amazing friend a special happy birthday as she celebrates her 23rd birthday.

MC Sharpillo took to his social and wrote:


~ I Celebrate You Still…

Challenges they say make us stronger and not giving up during this period is one attribute that is rare amongst growing teens.

The success of every growing adolescent depends to a large extent on the humble tutelage, guidance, and support of parents and close relatives and if this is lacking, there is bound to be lacunas as the young lass grows into adulthood especially the girl-child.

It becomes more difficult if the love of the father to the children is cut short because of natural occurrences such as death etc; such a child will only strive successfully in the presence of a hardworking mother or close relative who is a goal-getter and success-oriented. This attribute such a person must possess to give the children the best education and decent lifestyle no matter whose ox is gored! With this the vacuum created by the demise of a father would not be felt much; this is the case of MISS MUTUAYO ‘EMI’ AMEZHINIM IDEOZU.

Mutu2 - Mc Sharpillo Celebrates Miss Mutuayo Emi Amezhinim Ideozu On Her Birthday

Aged 23 years as at today 12th December 2019, born into the family of Late Mr. Lucky Amezhinim Ideozu of Igbu Ehuda in Ahoada East Local Government Area, Rivers State, a renowned chartered accountant and banker of high repute who bagged first class from the famous University of Cambridge, England, and Hon. (Ms) Peace Lucky Ideozu (Nee Amakiri) who was married to Mr. Lucky Ideozu of blessed memory, a fearless politician who contested for the Rivers State House of Assembly, Ahoada East Constituency I in 2011. A philanthropist of note and an educationist of per excellence.

Peace Ideozu is the Proprietress of the famous M M and M International School situated then at No: 42 Umuzhi Street, Ahoada with a branch at Trans Amadi Port Harcourt and now relocated to Lagos State, from this strong woman, Miss. Mutuayo was birthed.

Mutu - Mc Sharpillo Celebrates Miss Mutuayo Emi Amezhinim Ideozu On Her Birthday

Every family dreams of giving the best to their children and Late. Mr. Lucky Ideozu’s Family was not an exception as i have practically lived with the family both in Ahoada, Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Abuja.

This family was indeed great with the future so bright but as the saying goes ” Man proposes, God disposes”.

On the journey to achieve numerous set goals of this wonderful family, Mr. Lucky answered as God called him home!

What a great shock, the breadwinner is gone, and things became worse.

It is evident among children of wealthy homes that their children begin to misbehave as soon as income reduces and demands are no longer met as usual but this was not the case for this blessed Family to adapt to the new reality of life. Indeed hardship struck!

Hon. (Ms) Peace Amezhinim Ideozu ( Nee Amakiri) vowed to deny herself of comfort to see the children through education. Her personal comforts were all sacrificed to make ends meet and today the result is bare.

The journey which started from Regent Secondary School Abuja, Nigeria for A-Level Certificate gradually graduated to University Of Cambridge, England and finally to Nelson Mandela University, South Africa.

Mutu1 - Mc Sharpillo Celebrates Miss Mutuayo Emi Amezhinim Ideozu On Her Birthday

Today, i celebrate an Ekpeye (Igbu Ehuda) brilliant beauty as she celebrates her 23rd birthday with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Sc) in the bag accompanied by lots of awards and recommendations.

Indeed, hard works and persistence pays. I am glad of the woman you’ve grown to become, daddy will be proud whatever he is as he rests on and i know vividly that mum is overjoyed as you reunite with her and the entire family in the United Kingdom.

Thanks a million-strong woman Hon ( Ms) Peace, you made this happen with God.

Congratulations once more Miss. Mutuayo ‘Emi’ Amezhinim Ideozu.

Eric-Okpara Agwenitani Primus Sharpillo
( Uncle Jack)

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