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Victor Ochoma Died Of Asthma − Best Friend Reacts, Reveals Other Shocking Secrets

by Chinonso Mark

Yesterday, we reported an incident that occurred in Ahoada Town, about an ex-soldier that was mobbed and beaten to death over stolen Rods meant for the ongoing construction of Ahoada, Odiemerenyi, Odieke and Ihugbogo road in Ahoada East Local Government Area (Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality) of Rivers State.

Late Victor's, best friend, Ukpaka Agigor has just reacted to his death, he said the Army should not be blamed as they are not responsible for his friend's. He said his friend is Asthmatic and that's the reason for his death.

He further revealed the dirty deals and crime perpetrated by his late friend.

Below is exactly how Ukpaka Agigor shared on his social media wall:

UKPAKA - Victor Ochoma Died Of Asthma − Best Friend Reacts, Reveals Other Shocking Secrets


I have been silent over the news of my friend, series of news filtering the cyberspace therefore have taking my time to investigate the news about his sudden departure to mother earth by Victor Ochoma which I usually call “Awuwa” and as well inform the people of what actually killed Victor; it’s a pity he died the way he did but may his soul rest in peace.

Truly, the bible doesn’t lie, someday those who have committed serious crime against humanity will also face the consequences of their deeds, my late friend was dismissed from the Nigerian Army as a result of a shady deal which I wouldn’t want to talk about here and was sent packing ,this made him return home and then I just finished my NYSC and rented an apartment in Ahoada to avoid been seen at home (Oboburu-Ogba where I hail from) after service , we became friends and very close looking for means of survival as a young graduate and my friend a dismissed soldier , for the fact that I am a civil engineer and there was no job, this makes life difficult hence we adventured to finding means of surviving.

In our course of looking for ways to survive, Victor as an ex-soldier started teaching small cult boys at Abubugele street (Plantation where I heard the army raided some weeks ago and killed some boys) how to dismantle, service guns and aim at a target as he was dully trained and knowledgeable in this act as he was trained in the Nigerian Army before his dismissal ; from this special training he gives to these boys, we could eat, drink and carry pretty girls, we began to command respect because they saw us like masters even when I haven’t been initiated into cultism.

This act went deep into us as the profit was overwhelming having everything almost free, it became our normal life, collecting forcefully from “Our Boys” in the name of “Charge” ( those in this game will understand) was a norm. It got so deep that we were enjoying the fame and pleasure it comes with it; as he was always hailed “Awuwa” anywhere we go.

After enjoying much from this deals and conniving with him and other “strong men” to carry out shady deals and pull hits that put much food on our table, I started having a second thought because I wasn’t trained to be like this but circumstances had kept me there. Since I left Oboburu my home town in Ogba, its been news of killings and others so I left from Ahoada to Enugu during the crisis to stay alive since I was afraid the OSPAC team introduced in Ogba might discover me with their charms and powers and kill me. I pleaded with my man to leave town but he refused to listen to nor stop our deals as he told me I should not worry myself over him. Later he called to tell me he has blended into politics, serving and pulling deals for a strong politician in his town who is currently serving as a lawmaker as we speak. We kept in touch but I refuse to return to join him because of the fear of being caught and beheaded by the OSPAC team which I heard are very powerful and heartless.

I was happy when Victor told me he was employed in a construction company through the politician to work in the security department looking over their equipment etc, while I was happy he is equal to the task because of his military background, I also knew it won’t end well because I know what we both can do then. Gradually I called to ask how far his job is fairing, he will tell me “Abboby No Nwam” though opened up to me he will do “Small Omela” as the cash he was receiving was not enough, I advised him against it but he insisted and said to me “Abboby na Government Property” at this point I kept quiet.

To cut the whole story short, he kept removing these items gradually through his partner which I heard is still in detention though he never mentioned to me it was Iron Rods, like was told he was caught by one of the soldiers securing the site and he confessed which led to the arrest of his partner which I gathered is still in detention, for the purpose of conniving with Late Victor to steal Iron Rods meant for the construction of roads in their area. I learnt Victor was beaten for his crime which is normal for he masterminded the whole act but did not die as a result of the beaten. Victor is a trained ex-soldier that has seen 99% beaten and torture in his military training as a soldier.

I believe majority of you are not aware that Victor is an ASHMATIC PATIENT hence died as a result of “Asthmatic Attack” I know my friend and if anybody doubts me, they can confirm from the politician or the Doctor in the hospital who took care of him if the doctor will be fair enough to say the truth without fear or favour. We have had such attack during our Oil bunkering days in Abua and I know how it is when the reaction comes especially when his inhaler is out of reach. Though Victor Ochoma aka Awuwa is dead and gone forever and cannot be brought back to life except by heavenly miracle but THE MILITARY IS NOT TO BE BLAMED, the youths should desist from social vices, this is purely Nemesis and Karma in disguise.

The naked truth is that if not because of the presence and intervention of the military led by Almakura and one Major Kefas at that time and OSPAC led by Associate Prof. Ahiawko Maxwell, the Orashi region would have been overtaken by us then but a lot of us were killed and the remaining ones like us who went to school though adventured into the “Business” because of unemployment and hardship had to run far to avoid been killed and my years in the university wasted just like that.

Please brothers and sisters in the Orashi region, desist from crime, it’s sweet but pays dearly, OSPAC have killed a lot of us, the military also have killed and what is the benefit? Had it been Victor Ochoma was honest and managed his little pay from the job, will he have died? What then happens to the one that confessed and showed the army where they always keep their loot who is still in detention? Will justice be served or he will be forgiven as asked to go home?

Well, I wish to advice that before you shout on social media and do protest for a life already lost, think and investigate about the lifestyle of the person involved so that you will not regret it later.
Lets stop crime please and DO NOT BLAME THE ARMY FOR DOING THEIR JOB.

Rest In Peace “Awuwa Fineboy”

My name is Aro Skull
(As called and addressed by those who know me in the Bush/Plantation

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