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Where To Buy Music Studio Equipment In Portharcourt

by Chinonso Mark

Where To Buy Music Studio Equipment In Portharcourt | Where To Buy Musical Equipment In Rivers State.

Port-Harcourt is one of the largest city in Nigeria and Africa, it is the capital of Rivers State. An oil & gas, groovy and commercial city for any kind of business and a fast-growing environment for Music and Entertainment business.

Long before now a lot of Rivers people have been traveling very far to music shops in Lagos Nigeria, Aba, and Onitsha just to buy Musical and recording studio equipment without evening knowing that there are many musical and recording studio equipment shops in Portharcourt.

In this post, I will show you some places in Portharcourt where you can buy cheap and quality musical instruments, recording studio equipment, any kind of sound equipment you want to purchase and any kind fairly used studio equipment for sale in Nigeria.

Why You Should Buy Your Music Studio Equipment In Portharcourt.

If you are in Port Harcourt or in any part of Rivers State and you intend to buy music equipment, then you don,t need to take the stress and spend a whole lot on transportation for your self and your goods.

You should just cheaply move to major musical/studio equipment shops and warehouses in Portharcourt and buy what you want.

Reasons are:

It is very easy and at your reach: Because you reside in Portharcourt or any part of Rivers State, it is very easy to just take a cab or bus to any Music store in any part of P.H and get your deals done.

It is cheap and sold for the same price in Lagos, Aba, and Onitsha: Some of the studio equipment here in Portharcourt are sold for the same price it sells in Lagos.

Yamaha 8 channels mixer with Amp - Where To Buy Music Studio Equipment In Portharcourt

Yamaha 8 channels mixer with Amp

Some Months ago, I bought a Yamaha 8 Channels Mixer With In-Built Amp, USB & DSP Effect for about #51,000 in Port Harcourt and in Lagos the same mixer goes for #57,000. You can see now that it is even cheaper in Portharcourt. You wouldn’t know this until you check it your self.

You will spend less on transportation and save more: This is straightforward, Spending almost 8,000 and about 14 risky hours (To & Fro) on the road to Lagos to purchase One or Two Musical Gadgets is like a whole lot of waste compared to just taking a taxi which will cost about 200 in within few minutes to the shops.

Damaged and faulty goods can easily be returned for changing: After buying and you later discover a fault it is very easy to return the faulty equipment within few days compared to when you have to travel a far distant and spending more.

You can negotiate with the shop owners on trust for goods and pay later or gradually: There are many shop owners who are willing to set you up to start your recording studio or music academy after convincing them of how you are to pay back.

You can easily get help during installation and servicing: Most of the dealers are technicians too, they can help you make some installation and servicing, as long as you are within the environment.

What Musical or Recording Studio Equipment Can I Find In Portharcourt?

All the musical instruments, equipment, gadgets and recording studio equipment can be found in major shops in many markets in Rivers State.

Here is List Of Recording Studio Equipments You Can Buy In Portharcourt.

  1. Mixers (Various types).
  2. Monitor Speakers (All categories).
  3. Audio Interfaces (All types of Sound Cards)
  4. Microphones
  5. Microphone Stands and Pop filters.
  6. Analog Equalizers and compressors.
  7. Keyboards
  8. Keyboard Stand.
  9. All types of connecting cables and cords.
  10. Analog/Digital Drum Machines.
  11. Set of Drums
  12. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  13. Sound Proofing Materials
  14. Amplifiers
  15. Computers (Complete Systems)
  16. All Softwares, Drum Samples and Plugins.
  17. All types of guitars
  18. Saxophones, clarinet, and Trumpets.
  19. Empty CDs.
  20. All special electrical sockets for studio connections.
  21. All types of fairly used music instruments and recording equipment.

There are so many places in Portharcourt where you can buy quality studio equipment and this article would select and showcase them based on the kind of studio stuffs you want to buy.

a. Elabuchi In Portharcourt (Sales of all electronics/musical equipment).

b. Ogbunabali / Garrison (Sales of all computers, gadgets,softwares, samples, and plugins)

c. LG Office At Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt

— Elabuchi Electronics Market In Portharcourt —

Elabuchi is actually a street in Mile 2 Diobu Portharcourt. It is the biggest and most popular electronic market in Rivers State. It is also an area where the Timber Market is located in Portharcourt.

There are thousands of Electronic / Musical instruments and recording studio equipment shops and warehouses, this place in meant just for all types of electronics and musical equipment.

It’s a very busy environment for music equipment business.

How To Locate Elabuchi Electronics Market In Portharcourt.

Locating Elacbuchi Music equipment market is very easy, where ever you reside in Portharcourt, Rivers State you can get to Elabuchi without stress.

DIRECTION: Where ever you are coming from just make sure you take a taxi or bus going to mile 3 Portharcourt and stop at Ikoku Junction and then enter another cab going to Elabuchi and then stop at the electronic zone or kindly ask the driver to stop you at the music equipment market.

At Elabuchi, things are cheap, very easy to get and any faulty equipment can be fixed no matter the fault.

— Ogbunabali / Garrison Computer Village —

This is a popular area in Portharcourt, you can call a computer village.

You can buy and repair all types of computers here. This is a better place to buy solid and strong computers if you want to start a recording studio in Portharcourt.

All the necessary music production softwares, drum samples, Vst Plugins, Sound Effects, and other computer related softwares can be found here.

How To Locate Ogbunabali Computer Village In Portharcourt.

Computer system - Where To Buy Music Studio Equipment In Portharcourt

It is very easy to locate Garrison and Ogbunabali because they share boundaries. In fact, the only thing that changes is the name if not they are the same thing.

DIRECTION: Where ever you are coming from just enter a taxi or bus to Aba Road and tell the driver to stop you at Garrison Junction and then ask anyone you see to show you Ogbunabali computer village.

— LG Office At Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt —

Here is the address or direction of LG Office in Portharcourt.

Plot 268, Trans-Amadi, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt, Rivers · 0702 831 3804
Open ⋅ Closes at 6 PM.
At LG office you can get all types of large monitor screens and additional studio Hard wares.
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