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Woman Grabs Husband’s Scrotum, Injures Him, For Doing This (Pix)

by Chinonso Mark

A 51-YEAR-old Zimbabwean man was left bleeding after his wife grabbed and refused to let go of his privates during a domestic dispute, a city court heard this week.

Court heard that the woman had been infuriated after returning home to find that her husband had vomited in bed.

Neighbors rushed to the couple's house to help untangle a screaming Charles Tavara as his wife Grace Sibokwane refuse to let go of his testicles.

Sibokwane escaped a custodial sentence after Tavara begged Harare magistrate Obedience Matare to free his wife saying they would settle issues out court.

"I no longer want to pursue the case. If you may kindly drop the charges, she is my wife," he said.

Prosecuting, Linda Gadzikwa indicated that the incident occurred on December 15 this year at the couple's home in Mabvuku.

Tavara went to a neighbor's funeral around 9 pm, only to return at around 5 am the following day.

Court heard a misunderstanding arose after Tavara allegedly vomited on the bed.

Sibokwane then grabbed her husband testicles and started pulling him.

It was alleged that neighbors heard Tavara's screams and rushed to the scene to assist him.

However, Tavara told the court that "she (the wife) pulled me for no apparent reason, and no one restrained her from assaulting me".

His wife was warned and cautioned after pleading guilty to the charges.

"The accused acted unlawfully and is hereby warned to resolve disputes amicably in future," said Matare before discharging Sibokwane.

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